Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ask Me on Ask Nanima?

Hello everyone! 

On Tuesday, I posted "Ask Me on Ask Nanima?" regarding the Ask Nanima forum I will be hosting as a design expert on the Ask Nanima website.  

Here is a bit about what the forum is about:

Your home is a place of solitude. It is the place you wake up every day and it the space in which you enjoy the company of your loved ones.  Our most treasured memories are formed in our homes – It is necessary that our homes become a beautiful backdrop to our colourful memories.  

Zakkiya has decided to partake in the Ask Nanima décor drama forum where she will be available to respond to your home design and décor questions using her industry knowledge.  She will also provide insight and tips on achievable home face-lifts as discussion topics.  

- Ask Nanima

The forum is now open for discussion, have a look and ask questions, I'll be happy to help with some useful tips!  

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